Nick van Uden
Bas vd Wittenboer
Ilse Selter
Nick van Uden
Stefan Wijnen
Bas vd Wittenboer

— Project Information

Client: Hurkmans B.V.
Type: Photoshoot
Models: Own employees
Photographer & retoucher: Arno Hoogwerf 
Makeup & Hair: Anne Roozen

— Description

The company Hurkmans in the Nederlands started a campaign to recruite new employees. The people on the photos are Hurkmans employees, they volunteered to act as models for the campaign. 

I started the makeup with a base of foundation and concealer. Then I made the models dirty with Dirtworks Grime powder and liquid. I applied the Dirtworks not only with pencils and sponges but also with my bare hands to make it look real.